Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stumpjumper Trail Crew Application

Here in Southwest Florida we bunny-hop alligators for fun, drink swamp-water when thirsty and ride 100 miles through deep sand for kicks. All kidding aside, most people are shocked to learn that there is any mountain biking here, much less competitive local single-track (see the "S" in the trail to the right, paint it red and it's calling out, "I am Specialized.").

As a displace
d snow skier and athlete I was looking for a way to stay fit and enjoy our the Florida outdoors beyond the sandy beaches, golf courses and endless boating we're famous for. For me, mountain biking winding, fast single-track three or four times a week is about as close to nirvana as it gets.

I was hooked in 2004 and bought my first mountain bike, an S-Works Epic. I figured anything worth doing is worth doing with the best mountain bike in existence. I Am

Over the years I've ridden in local races (Xterra came here this year), traveled to 24-hour races and enjoyed epic rides from North Carolina to Colorado. But this year, I plan to take it up another notch.

With Lance's inspiration from his amazing feats in the Tour and mountain biking (something he's passionate about as well) in races like the Leadville Trail 100, I'm planning an epic adventure alongside the 2010 Tour de France. Plans are crystallizing to ride the mountainous terrain alongside the Tour beginning in Rotterdam and ending Paris.

I lived in Europe (Switzerland mostly) for almost two-years after college. I'm eager to get back to the Alps. This time, on my mountain bike, I'll be able to cover more ground than ever.

And with a new 2010 S-Works Stumpjumper FSR (the 2004 S-Works Epic is showing the creeks and digs of older age) under me, those extreme climbs will seem like the flat-lands of Florida back home!

Besides my good looks and strong, sexy legs, I bring the following extras to the table to the Stumpjumper Trail Crew:

  • I'm self-employed & love to travel.
  • Born leader in life, business and on the trail. Let me lead Southwest FL into Specialized territory. I decree NO more "Trek days" at our local trails - Trek Sucks! All mountain bikers in this kingdom shall be branded (no wimpy tattoos) with the "S" from this day forward.
  • I have 2,747 Twitter Followers and counting on my main Twitter account (I have 8 others).
  • Internet & Social media expertise (I know how to use links and labels as evidenced here). I could easily start a new blog just about mountain biking (would if you like), but believe this real estate blog can reach a more diverse group of people and teach them about mountain biking in Southwest Florida.
  • I have two Facebook pages and various associated groups.
  • I have five prominent web sites on the first page of Google for their search terms: Marbella Lakes, Aviano at Naples, Naples Real Estate, Naples Real Estate For SaleNaples MLS & others.
  • I'm a published writer.
  • I work with a broad base of real estate clients around the world from Europe to Colorado. Many are luxury home buyers that can afford top-of-the-line carbon bikes.
  • And did I mention, I love
For the Specialized Trail Crew (highly subliminal message: Pick Me!) or to join me on a local ride, please email or call me on my cell phone at 239-289-0799. See you on the trail!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,
It's Brian. Next time I'm in Naples we'll have to go biking out at CRP. What's this deal with Specialized free bikes? Can I get one too - lol.

Anonymous said...

Wow what an amazing journey it will be to shadow the tour on a mountain bike. Not sure you realize this... but your face changes when ever you talk about mountain biking it kind of reminds me of Christmas ! I hope you get the new bike.... cant remember you having anything that said something other then "Specialized" on it ! lol . Julian rides his specialized bike everyday to school .. today I caught him cutting across a muddy field and had to catch myself, what I almost said was "what are you doing stay on the road!" I half laughed at myself and instead said it looked fun and thats what the bike is ment to do...he is fourteen after all and there is hope still that he will blaze the trails with you someday.... I wish you the best on your next journey !


Anonymous said...

Hello Mark, J here, I would really like to hit some trails with you. I am looking forward to learning more about mountain biking and places to bike in SW Florida. How can I get a free bike?

Lets get out of the office and enjoy some outdoor time!

J Luna

FredyT said...

Great post! I hope you get on the team. Now that I have a home in Naples I'll have to get a mountain bike down there. We should go riding some time or come up to Chi town and I'll show you some trails here.

Call me on my cell when you have a moment.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

I checked out the bike on the Specialized site. Sweet ride. Any word about who won the bike?

Hope you get it. I don't ride but I'd love to learn. If you get it are you selling your bike?

Jimmy Sizemore

Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

I wasn't aware there was a place for mountain biking that close to Naples. Can anyone use it or is it a members only thing? Also, what's the deal with Specialized bikes there? I have an older Stump Jumper hard tail.


John Disalvo
Email me at